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True Love (Tony X Reader) (One-shot)
True Love (Tony X Reader) (One-shot)
"Tony!" you shouted, your hands on your hips as you glared at the man sitting on the couch laughing as he watched TV.
"Could you move? I'm trying to watch this." Tony said as he tried to look around you as you were blocking the TV with your body.
"Are you freaking kidding me?" you asked, crossing your arms over your chest.
"What?" he asked, still not looking at you.
"You big idiot!" you shouted. You were fed up, so fed up that you walked out of Stark tower. Wandering the streets to calm down and clear your head. It wasn't until his show was over that Tony realized you were gone.
"How am I supposed to give this to you if you're not here?" Tony said, carrying your Valentine's Day gift around with him. He went back and sat on the couch waiting for you to return. A few hours later you stumbled into the room.
"Are you still watching TV?" you asked Tony. He looked at you and was about to say something but you pressed your hand to his mouth and said "Shush
:iconrenji72:renji72 61 4
Crazy Little Thing (Clint X Reader) (One-shot)
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Clint X Reader) (One-shot)
"Ummm babe, what are you doing?" Clint asked, turning his head in bed to see you staring back at him.
"I was waiting for you to wake up. Good morning." you said with a big smile.
"Morning." he said, before kissing you. He rolled over on top of you. You pulled away from the kiss.
"No babe. We've got to get up." you said, but Clint kept kissing you. His kisses started going down your neck then down to your breasts. "Clint! I mean it."
"Fine!" he yelled, shooting up out of bed and running into the bathroom, and shutting the door behind him.
"Hey, what's the matter?" you asked, knocking on the bathroom door.  
"It's nothing." he answered, but you could tell by the sound of his voice that something was wrong.
"It's not nothing." you said, waiting for him to say more but he didn't speak. "Please tell me. What's wrong?"
"Fine." he said in defeat, opening the bathroom door and looking into your eyes. "We haven' a
:iconrenji72:renji72 66 3
Love Me Like You Do (Thor X Reader) (One-shot)
Love Me Like You Do (Thor X Reader) (One-shot)
"Hey Thor." you said as you walked up to him in the hallway.
"Hello (Name)." he said, grinning nervously and waving hi.
"What are you up to?" you asked curiously.
"I am on my way to see-"
"(Name), can you come to the lab right now?" Bruce asked, interrupting the two of you.
"Yeah, in a minute." you said, dismissively.
"Okay, I'll see you there." Bruce said, walking away.
"Sorry Thor. I've got to go. Talk to you soon." you said waving goodbye. Thor waved back before you turned the corner to the lab.
Thor let out a heavy sigh. Thoughts ran about Thor's head. Why does (name) always seem to run to the doctors side? Does (name) not feel the same why that he feels? He wanted to know, so he started walking towards the lab to spy on the two of you.
Once there he peeked in through a window. The two of you were working separately. Thor sighed in relief until Bruce touched your shoulder. Anger and sadness had begun to overwhelm him. He ran away from
:iconrenji72:renji72 38 5
Bleeding Love (Bucky X Reader) (One-shot)
Bleeding Love (Bucky X Reader) (One-shot)
"Guy's this is (Name)." Bucky said, introducing you to his friends.
"Hello." you smiled and waved as the Avengers waved back and said hi in unison. You reached for your bag and it was then that you realized you had left it in the car. "Oh shoot. I'll be right back."
"Okay." Bucky said as you ran away to get your bag.
"So? What do you-"
"Isn't she an ex-criminal?" Steve asked. "I am more than sure that I have seen her mugshot before."
"She is." Tony said as he showed everyone a photo of your mugshot on his phone.
"That's in the past." Bucky said, looking at his friends disappointingly. "I mean we all have a past right?"
"Yeah but have you seen her rap sheet?" Tony asked, scrolling through a page that had all of your offences.
"Have you seen mine?" Bucky asked, angry at the way they were acting.
"Bucky come on, we're just-"
"Just stop." Bucky said, backing away. "I'll see you guys later." he added as you walked back into the room. He grabbed your
:iconrenji72:renji72 134 14
Unconditionally (Steve X Reader) (One-shot)
Unconditionally (Steve X Reader) (One-shot)
"(Name)?" Steve asked, slowly approaching you.
"Stay away!" you demanded. (favorite color) flames burned all around you. You were born with the power to create and control fire except you weren't very good at controlling the fire you could create. So you'd try to stay away from your natural fire because it would always lead to situations like this where you would accidentally hurt a loved one. "Don't come near me!"
"It's okay." he said, trying to console you as he reached out to you.
"No! Please! Stay away!" you continued to yell. "I never wanted you to see me like this."
"(Name) it's okay. I do-"
"It's not okay!" you shouted, the flames growing higher around you. "I'm begging you. Stay away."
"I won't." Steve said, still walking towards you.
Suddenly you blasted out of there and flew through the sky like you were the human torch. Steve stood there watching as you flew away and out of sight. That was the last he saw or heard from you in month
:iconrenji72:renji72 68 8
All Of Me (Natasha X Reader) (One-shot)
All Of Me (Natasha X Reader) (One-shot)
"Hey Natasha!" you shouted, running up to her in the hallway. She grinned at you nervously, clenching a pile of papers tightly to her chest as her heart beat at a rapid pace.
"Hi (Name)." she said watching you smile at her.
"Are you busy right now?" you pouted, noticing the pile of papers.
"Sort of." she answered, blushing at the sight of your pouting. You looked so adorable to her.
"Okay, I won't keep you then." you said as you started to walk away. "Bye."
"Bye." she waved good-bye shyly, her eyes still on you as you strolled off down the hall. "Why is she so cute?" she said to herself before she stride into the lab where Tony and Bruce were talking among themselves.
"(Name) is so cute." Tony said. Natasha's ears perked up and she began to ease drop.
"She is." Bruce agreed. "Very cute."
"Do you think she'd go out with-"
"Me? Yes." Bruce cut Tony off mid-sentence.
"No not you. Me." Tony said, then it came to his attention that Natasha was in the
:iconrenji72:renji72 39 3
Let Me Love You (Loki X Reader) (One-shot)
Let Me Love You (Loki X Reader) (One-shot)
"Come on Loki, don't you want to play?" you asked as you sat down on the couch next to him with controllers in your hands. He paid no attention to you and continued to read the newspaper. "Let's play!"
"(Name) I am in no mood to play games with you." he said, his eyes glued to the paper.
You pouted, but he didn't look at you. You set the controllers down on the table and stared at Loki. What would gain his attention so he would spend time with you? You smirked, racing out of the room to set your plan in motion. Loki noticed you leave and was starting to worry when you did not return.
"Oh Loki!" you shouted. "Come find me!"
"Why would I do that?!" he yelled back at you.
"I've got a present for you!" you giggled, hoping that this would entice him, but he didn't show up. "Loki!" you waited for a reply but nothing was said. You walked back into the living room and saw him still sitting on the couch reading the newspaper. You leaned over and wrappe
:iconrenji72:renji72 60 14
You're Still The One (Bruce X Reader) (One-shot)
You're Still The One (Bruce X Reader) (One-shot)
"It's such a nice day today." you said as you and your husband of five years walked hand in hand down the street.
"Yeah it is." Bruce said, watching you smile as you looked around at your surroundings. "(Name), I have something I want to ask you." You looked at him curiously. Then he kneeled down in front of you, a familiar sight. "(Name), will you marry me again?"
"Really?! Are you serious?!" you asked excitingly. Bruce nodded his head yes. "Yes! Yes I will marry you again!" you shouted, hugging Bruce tightly.
"Well go and get ready." he smiled. You looked at him confused. "It's today. We're renewing our vows today."
"Today?! On Valentine's Day?!" you asked, shocked that he had all of this planned.
"Yes, now go! Natasha is waiting for you with your dress." he continued to smile as he pointed to Natasha in the distance. You waved at her before giving Bruce a quick kiss, then running over to Natasha.
"Natasha!" you said as you ran towards
:iconrenji72:renji72 37 2
Clint X Reader Part 8: Help
Clint X Reader Part 8: Help
You and Clint barely spoke a word to each other at the rehearsal and before bed. Yet the next morning you woke up with Clint's arms around you again. This time, instead of fighting his embrace you just laid there, soaking in his warmth. Then he woke up, he tried to move his arms gently, but since you were awake you helped, surprising him in the process.
"Sorry, I'm up." you chuckled as you sat up.
"Uhh no I'm sorry." Clint said, sitting up too.
"So today's the big day. My little sister's getting married." you said, hoping to start a conversation and keep it going.
"Yeah." he said, un-enthusiastically.
"Uhh thanks again for coming with me." you said, still hoping to keep a conversation like you guys had been doing before.
"No problem." he said, dismissively. Your hopes were lost.
"I'm going to go shower." you said, rushing into the bathroom, shutting the door behind you and bursting into silent tears. You were thinking things were back to the way they were be
:iconrenji72:renji72 35 16
Clint X Reader Part 7: Glitter In The Air
Clint X Reader Part 7: Glitter In The Air
"Sorry about lunch everybody. It's a little crispy." Clint said as he brought out the food.
"Oh it's quite alright." your mother said, smiling. She didn't care as long as she didn't have to cook.
"Where's Piper?" Oliver asked as he sat down at the table.
"I'll go get her." you said, making your way to the stairs. Then you saw her walking down the stairs. "Hey we were wondering where you ran off to." you paused, waiting for a reply. "Piper?"
"What?" she asked, snapping out of it.
"Lunch is ready. Come on." you said, waiting for her as she slowly made her way down. "Piper, is something wrong?"
"Uh no sorry. Let's go eat." she smiled meekly as she tried passing you but you stopped her.
"Are you sure?" you asked, gripping her arm.
"Yeah of course." she answered, with a much more believable smile before removing your hand and going to the dining room. At lunch Piper still didn't seem like herself and everyone could tell that she had to be hiding som
:iconrenji72:renji72 24 2
Bruce X Reader Part 31: Pretty Wings
Bruce X Reader Part 31: Pretty Wings
Time will bring the real end of our trial
One day they'll be no remnants
No trace, no residual feelings within ya
One day you won't remember me
Your face will be the reason I smile
But I will not see what I cannot have forever
I'll always love ya, I hope you feel the same

"Come on Grimm." you said, trying your hardest to breathe life back into Grimm.
"Someone should really call for a doctor." Bruce said, watching you.
"Somebody call the damn doctor!" you shouted at the guards. They became frantic, not knowing what to do, they looked like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off.
"(Name)!" Fia screamed. Terrified you jumped up from Grimm’s side and rushed over to the door. There you saw your grandfather stomping towards you with an angry look on his face and Fia running after him.
"Where is that man?!" your grandfather asked, his booming voice seemed to shake the palace.
"Grimm is-"
"He means Bruce! He thinks Bruce-"
"Silence!" your
:iconrenji72:renji72 10 7
Cracked (Loki X Reader) (One-shot)
Cracked (Loki X Reader) (One-shot)
"Hello Loki." you said as you saw him enter the room. He masked the pain he was feeling with a soft smile. "What brings you here?"
"I've come to speak with-"
"Oh wait." you paused. "I don't care."
You turned around and left Loki all alone. Both of you felt as though your hearts were breaking. All of this because of a fight that happened over a year ago, which resulted in you breaking up. You wanted to start a family but Loki was against the idea, saying he was nowhere near ready to be a father. And so, after fighting and fighting about it, you both went your separate ways.
I broke something I'll never get, I'll never get back
Brought me to my knees
A head like steel and a soul of gold
And a heart that's made of glass
But mine's cracked
Well, mine's cracked!
Well, mine's cracked
No idea where I'm going
But there's no looking back
'Cause I'm cracked!

"Real mature." you said to yourself, making sure you were alone before speaking aloud. "How can
:iconrenji72:renji72 56 20
Rose Gold (Steve X Reader) (One-shot)
Rose Gold (Steve X Reader) (One-shot)
You closed the door of your house behind you to begin your daily walk around the city. Although it looked as though it could snow some more you didn't want to change your routine. It was very important to you and you wanted to see if you could ever meet that man again.
Started like a movie scene
Once upon a London street
Tried to play it like James Dean
Cigarettes in my sleeve

It happened one afternoon as you were jogging through the city, you weren't paying much attention and bumped into someone. You lost your balance and nearly fell into the road but a man caught your arm just before your body could hit the ground.
"Are you alright?" he asked, helping you back onto your feet.
"Yeah, I'm fine." you replied, embarrassed. "Sorry I bumped into someone and-"
"It's alright, as long as you're okay." he smiled at you.
"Thank you so much for helping me." you said, wishing you had more to say so you could keep looking at his smiling face.
"You're we
:iconrenji72:renji72 57 6
Ref (Natasha X Reader) (One-shot)
Ref (Natasha X Reader) (One-shot)
Maybe I got just a little too much pride
To let you back into my life
You think I miss you
Not yet, not yet
Maybe you thought about what you put me through
A sorry is long overdue
You want it again
I bet, I, I, I bet

You sang out as you were walking back to Stark tower, getting strange looks from the people around you.
So cry, cry baby, I already let you go
Bye bye, baby, I don't mess with you no mo'
Nah, nah, baby, just because I'm movin on
Don't you 'member back in the day
When all you had to do was say yes
But you walked away
You made your bet, you know the rest
Now you want me to say yes
Did you right, but you went and left
You think this is a game
You ain't gon' win cause I'm the ref

You walked down the sidewalk eating a snack, still listening to your music and occasionally singing with a mouth full of food.
Did it all, all because of your ego
You thought that you was irreplaceable, yeah
There's a couple things that you can't eras
:iconrenji72:renji72 34 7
Light In The Hallway (Clint X Reader) (One-shot)
Light In The Hallway (Clint X Reader) (One-shot)
"Come on now it's time for bed." Clint told the children, they pouted in response.
"Five more minutes please?" the eldest child, Elijah pleaded as his two little twin brothers, Jayce and Jackson, continued to play.
"Listen to your father." you said, sitting there reading.
"Okay." the children said in unison as they began to pick up their toys.
"Why do they only listen to you?" Clint asked, supervising the toy pick up.
"I'm obviously more stern then you are." you stated. Clint looked at you with a confused look. "You're the fun parent while I am, on the other hand, the disciplinary."
"I can discipline." Clint mumbled to himself.
"No you can't." you laughed, following after the boys as they ran to their bedroom.
"Yes I can." Clint whispered, watching to make sure you were away before speaking.
"No you can't." you smiled, peering your head back into the room. Then you noticed him frown. "Come help mister discipline."
"I am mister discipline
:iconrenji72:renji72 36 13
Take Me Home (Thor X Reader) (One-shot)
Take Me Home (Thor X Reader) (One-shot)
"No! Please! Please take me with you! Don't leave me again!" you shouted after Thor but it was already too late, he was gone. "You Jerk!"
You fell to your knees, and just sat there staring at the ground. This always happened, he'd be here one day and then he'd be gone for months. You didn't care if he was still watching over you. You wanted him beside you.
You, you light up in the dark
You're the glowing and priceless work of art
I see, I see your shining star
You're the light through my window from afar

You started singing, playing in the dirt.
And don't you forget
The only thing that matters is your heartbeat going strong
Oh, don't you forget
That nothing else can matter cause you know where I belong
Oh, take me there
Won't you take me there?
Won't you take me home?
Oh, take me there
Won't you take me there?
Won't you take me home?

A few tears escaped your eyes. You were quick to wipe them away.
We, we light up the sky
Heaven k
:iconrenji72:renji72 33 2


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